Calcium Grease Oil


Special gearboxes and hydraulic presses

Carlio’s  oils for machine tools are produced by combining the highest quality mineral oil and special additives, recommended for use in hydraulic presses, machine tools, CNC machines, and some special gearboxes.

This product is made from special additives to enhance the lubricating properties of a high-quality mineral oil blend with calcium soap as a thickener, and it utilizes high-quality calcium to provide water resistance.

Waterproof Calcium Grease oil

Waterproof Calcium Grease oil

✔️High pumpability
✔️High resistance to wet and humid environments, and washability
✔️Application and usability in the range of -20°C to +60°C

Waterproof Calcium Grease oil Technical Analyses

Waterproof Calcium Grease oil Technical Analyses

Certificate and Standards

qms ISO / ts 16949:2009

ISIRI 142-2

EMS ISO 14001:2004

hse standards

qms ıso10006:2003

ohsas 18001:2007

qms ISO 9001:2008