Industrial GL Gear Oils


high compression feature

Carlio gear oil, formulated with the finest base oils and high-quality additives, is designed as a lubricant for moving parts in the gearbox(transmission, differentioal, and steering box) of vehicles. One of the key performance characteristics of a gear lubricsnt is its load-bearing capacity and minimizing gear wear, which we have paid special attention to in the production of our products.

This product boasts exellent load-bearing capacity across various viscosity grades, making it suitable for lubricationg manual gearboxes in a wide range of gasoline and disel vehicles, both light and heavy-duty, oprerating in open conditions and high temperatures.

GL gear oil

varois viscosity Grades

✔️Thermal stability and oxidation resistance in challenging working conditions
✔️Adequate protection against corrosion and rust
✔️Excellent lubricating and anti-wear properties
✔️Excellent stability against viscosity reduction
✔️Operability in a wide range of temperatures
✔️very high load-bearing capacity

very high load-bearing capacity

Gear OilS


🔸 GL90 🔸GL140


🔸75 W80 🔸75 W90 🔸85 W90 🔸85 W140


🔸75 W80 🔸75 W90 🔸85 W90 🔸85 W140

GL Gear Oil Technical Analyses

gl gear oil analyze result

Certificate and Standards

ISIRI 2974

EMS ISO 14001:2004

qms ıso10006:2003

hse standards

ohsas 18001:2007

qms ISO 9001:2008

qms ISO / ts 16949:2009