Heat Transfer oil


High thermal stability

The Carlio Heat Transfer Oil is a combination of the highest quality mineral oil and high-quality additives. In addition to increasing heat transfer, it has high thermal stability suitable for operation up to 300°C in closed systems and up to 190°C in open systems.

The Carlio Heat Transfer Oil is a low-viscosity oil and is specifically formulated for applications, particularly suitable for use in closed systems up to 300°C and open systems up to 190°C.

Heat Transfer oil

Heat Transfer oil HT

✔️High heat transfer coefficient
✔️High thermal stability
✔️Prevents the formation of volatile sediments
✔️ Excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion
✔️Available in 🔹1000L 🔹208L 🔹 16-20L containers

Heat Transfer oil technical Analysis

HT Heat Transfer Hydraulic oil technical Analysis

Certificates and Standards

hse standards

qms ıso10006:2003

ohsas 18001:2007

qms ISO 9001:2008

qms ISO / ts 16949:2009

EMS ISO 14001:2004